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Custom pressure Sensitive Labeling Solution

Art Specifications

The quality of printed labels is directly related to the quality of the artwork that is provided.  Adhering to our art specifications will ensure that your printed labels will be of the highest quality possible.

Our key art specifications include:

  1. Artwork can be supplied to Labels Unlimited Company electronically or by compact disk.
  2. We accept art created on both PC and Macintosh equipment.
  3. Preferred formats include:
    1. Adobe Illustrator,
    2. Adobe Photoshop,
    3. Quark Xpress,
    4. Macromedia Freehand, or
    5. Corel Draw.
  4. We can provide technical guidance on specific artwork specifications including trap allowances, line weights, text, fonts, screens, colors, UPC codes, and linked files.

Once an order has been placed and the artwork has been provided to us, we will generate a proof for your approval.  The order will then be scheduled for printing and delivery.