Made with premium quality bright matte face-stock, our raw white labels on a roll work very on our equipment and will work excellent on your bottles, jars and containers. If you order blank printable matte white labels from Labels Unlimited Company by the roll, we will ensure it will work great on your ink-jet printer for prototyping labels for your products. Give us a call, tell us the type of printer you have and we can custom cut your labels so that you print your labels in your own office.

Our White Label rolls have a permanent adhesive strength, which will allow the paper label to cure on to surfaces within a few minutes. We also can provide a removeable adhesive (without tearing and leaving residue). After removing the label, you can then reposition it. Our White Matte paper labels with a permanent adhesive, which is our bestseller!

White labels are ideal for labeling all different types of products: anywhere from law/property documents to food items and more! The creative ideas you can come up with are endless. When you know that your labels will have to be removed or repositioned at some point, removable labels are the way to go! They are also perfect for the temporary identification of products in the inventory-taking process (Asset Management). You can also find them highly useful for labeling items when moving, or for short-term storage.

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Markets served include food and beverage, household cleaners, personal care products, automotive and other packaging-related industries.

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