Labels Unlimited Company can supply a range of sequentially and consecutively numbered labels and in different shapes and sizes. Provide us with your starting numbers from one of our stock number sequences, or you can supply us with your custom sets.

Consecutive number labels are great for numbering shelves, bins, or drawers.

  • Consecutive number labels save time with an easy one-piece, 2- and 3-digit markers.
  • No need to place single numbers side by side - perfect alignment every time.

Track inventory, identify assets, mark shelf space, and more with handy consecutive number labels.

  • Color coding is easy! From fluorescent circles to durable vinyl labels in five different colors, choose a color to differentiate your inventory schemes.

All of our sequential number labels are made from a durable, plastic material.

When you want to mark bins, totes, pallets or individual packages of products - or note items as part of a series - consecutive numbering from Labels Unlimited Company is the way to achieve this step. The numbers can be for your own benefit or meant for customers to see. The digits or bar codes are employed by you and any companies you partner with to track inventory levels or movement through the supply chain. The visibility that comes with inventory labels is valuable and helps you keep an eye on a stock without exerting great effort.

You can also aim consecutive numbers at consumers. Letting shoppers know one of your items is part of a limited run - with the individual numbering to prove it - can create an exclusive and premium feel around that product. Maybe it's a bottle of this year's maple syrup harvest or an object in a seasonal color scheme. Whatever your particular line of items is, you can employ consecutive numbering to make the offerings stand out from other, potentially larger companies' goods.

If it's up to you to issue passes, permits, and other credentials that recipients stick onto their car windows or clothes, you can take advantage of Labels Unlimited Company’s' consecutive numbering offerings. Parking sticker labels with consecutive numbers can be tracked, with each individual sticker corresponding to a single recipient. This aids in your record-keeping and stops fraud. Furthermore, when you issue these or other permits with consecutive numbers, it's easy to see at a glance how many you've given out and how many remain available.

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Markets served include food and beverage, household cleaners, personal care products, automotive and other packaging-related industries.

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