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We appreciate the value of aesthetic appeal in marketing specialty food products. It is important to have a visually appealing label and packaging that will gain the attention of potential consumers. Labels Unlimited Company offer a number of unique solutions for creating custom printed gourmet food labels that carry all of the necessary information along with vibrant graphics and innovative food design.

  • Food and Produce Labels

    Food and Produce Labels

    Labels Unlimited Company labels are an excellent choice for specialised food packaging. Full-color labels may be printed with striking clarity using our digital and flexographic printing technologies. Our food labels, which can be personalised with your brand, artwork, and message, will draw customers' attention and encourage them to take your goods off the shelf. Because it provides for low-cost variable data printing, digital printing is also an excellent choice for customized food labels. With Labels Unlimited Company's innovative digital printing technology, changing an aspect of each label, such as a bar code or serial number, is simple and quick.

  • Sauce Labels

    Sauce Labels

    You must be able to make labels to satisfy your target market because there are so many different shapes and sizes of jars these days. Simply contact our pre-press department for assistance in creating your label, whether it's for your business, to give as gifts, or simply for fun. Make round labels, square labels, rectangle labels, or die cut labels to the image if you have your own design for a unique take on labels!

  • Honey Labels

    Honey Labels

    Labels Unlimited Company can produce remarkable detail with your artwork using digital printing and custom shapes. Get all of the information you need for your label, such as the amount, nutrition information, and information about where your honey originates from, to make your products stand out. From basic ovals and rectangles to labels shaped like hexagons that make up a honeycomb, the artwork and shape of your custom honey labels can bring out your distinctive ideas. For larger containers, use a larger label, or include smaller graphics to fill in important packaging space on the tops or sides of your jars or bottles.

  • Jar Labels

    Jar Labels

    Labels are required for your jars, but not just any label will suffice. Spice jars, mason jars, candles, canning jars, and other jars can all benefit from our labels. Our jar labels are the ideal partner for branding your business, identifying and distinguishing products, or spreading the love.

    Most surfaces, including glass and plastic, will stick to our labels. For jars that will be refrigerated or come into touch with water, oil, or moisture, such as jams, pickles, or sauces, choose our waterproof labels.

  • Spice Labels

    Spice Labels

    You've achieved the ideal balance of herbs and spices in your blend. It tastes great; all you need now is one more important element for your spice or seasoning mix. Custom labels are fantastic. Labels Unlimited Company is one of the most reputable label printing companies in the industry; we take pride in providing exceptional customer service and timely delivery without sacrificing quality. That is something that not just any corporation can claim.

  • Pet Labels

    Customize Your Pet Products Labels

    We offer the perfect fit and style label to meet your packaging, whether you're personalizing bags of dog or cat goods for retail sales, gifting, marketing, or promotions. Our labels have a permanent adhesive and can be used on bags, foil pouches, boxes, bottles, jars, tins, or any other type of pet product packaging. You can obtain the exact label you want to fit your product, whether it's dog treats, cat toys, birdseed, or medication, with a choice of shapes and sizes to select from.

    Labels Unlimited Company can offer you labels that have a permanent or removeable adhesive and adhere well to many different types of materials - High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE/Plastic), aluminum, card-stock, paper and much more. If you have any questions about the adhesive-material combinations, please contact your label representative at Labels Unlimited Company to direct you with the best solution for your product.

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We serve a broad range of markets, including food and beverage, household cleaners, CBD, pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical, blow-molding, industrial, personal care products, automotive, and other packaging sectors.

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