Labels Unlimited Company has vast experience printing nutraceutical labels since the day we opened our doors in 1968. We have various label sizes that are big and small that will fit your supplement bottles. We can print any product label whey, casein, egg white proteins, lactose-free protein, and plant-based. The types of protein powders are endless! The label size options we offer are endless as well and we carry the materials for such applications. Need a specific size or shape to beat out your competitors for your nutraceutical products? Contact your label representative and we can help you fill in the details.

Custom Supplement Label

Energize your nutraceutical company with custom supplement labels that will boost your brand’s visibility and shelf appeal. Explore our wide range of label options that are ideal for dietary supplements, vitamin bottles, and other health products. You’ll appreciate our printable laminate material, which easily accommodates expiration and lot numbers — plus, our digital presses allow for crisp, readable fonts as small as 5 points. We also offer bar code generation and testing.

High-Quality Product Labels for All of Your Nutraceuticals

Nutraceutical product labels from Labels Unlimited Company are available in different combinations of materials, shapes, and sizes to suit all of your product containers.

Whether you're looking for the right custom nutraceutical product label for vitamins, supplements, or powders, our label printing options can complement virtually any package. Labels Unlimited Company array of substrates and sizes allow you to carry your unique branding designs across many products with a consistent, professional look. Ensure your nutraceutical labels meet all government regulations. With Labels Unlimited Company high-resolution digital label printing, you can list product ingredients and instructions on your custom nutraceutical labels in a very small type that is still readable.

Nutraceutical Product Labels Are Customizable to Provide the Perfect Fit

With our vast selection of material types, nutraceutical product labels can take many different styles to suit diverse products. The durability of our labels - our most popular label material- makes them suitable for any application. These labels are available in clear, white, and chrome. To further customize your nutraceutical labels, shine up designs with a high gloss laminate, or go for a more traditional look with a matte finish. Nutraceutical consumers buy products based on their beliefs about those products. If your supplement bottle labels are doing their job, your customers will have a positive impression of your brand and confidence in your products. Because we offer both large and small print runs, we’re the perfect choice for all your brands.

Material and Construction Options for Any Design

We only sell the best label material for your high-end product because it must stand up to the wear and tear every product bottle experiences as it makes its way from the manufacturing floor to your customers’ medicine cabinets or gym bags. From wrap-around to squeezable, our premium materials are available in optimal options for nutraceutical packaging of all types.

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