The best household product labels have the durability to last through constant handling and the exceptional look to engage your customer. We provide the printing capabilities, and start-to-finish service to help you distinguish your products.

Durable and Attractive Household Cleaning Labels

Household cleaning labels face stiff competition on store shelves and rigorous handling conditions. With a wide assortment of label materials in stock, we can help you select the best materials and printing techniques for your cleaning product. We also offer a variety of label shapes, materials, and sizes to create custom labels that fit perfectly on spray bottles, squeeze bottles, jugs, tubs, and more! Check out some popular labeling solutions for household cleaning products below.

  • Flexographic and digital printing capabilities to suit different label needs.
  • Thousands of cutting dies and a variety of design customization options.

Enhance Packaging with Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeve labels (featured above) provide the same label design protection as pressure-sensitive film labels but with added vibrancy and impact. Shrink sleeves look great on unusually shaped bottles or with visually striking designs due to their 360-degree graphics coverage, making your product stand out from the competition (and stand up to product contents). However, for more information, check out our shrink sleeve guide to see if these specialty labels are right for you.

Multi-Layer Labels for Product Information

One thing to consider about your household cleaning labels is how much information to include. If your product labels need to display instructions, warnings, or multiple languages, then multi-layer labels are a great solution. This is because they give consumers valuable information without adding bulk to the product’s packaging.

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