Labels Unlimited Company manufactures custom product labels to make your product “stand out” from the competition. We use a protective, waterproof laminate and permanent adhesive make these labels ideal for applying to jars and bottles, handmade products & specialty foods.

Beautiful Custom Labels for Any Product

Consumer products come in all shapes and sizes, so obviously your product labels need to as well. One of your first steps in working with us is give us a call! Let’s discuss your label project, whatever it is. If you already have artwork, we’ll ask you to send it over so we can review it with you. If you want to change a couple of things, we can guide you. If you want us to be hands off, we can mindful but silent at the same time. You will be required to sign-off on an electronic proof prior to printing. We have a lot to offer and provide like font for you choose from to start your custom product label. We can also obtain royalty free artwork on the web, but most people already provide us with artwork, so most of the time, our help is needed for organization.

Your custom product labels can also be ordered in any shape and any size. With no order minimum quantities, Labels Unlimited Company is the place for durable and professional-looking labels that you can afford on any budget. Whether you need food labels, candle labels, cosmetic labels, honey labels or pet labels, and so much more, we have you and your products covered with the best custom product labels!

Perfect labels, fast application

Custom product labels with your design are the perfect accent for products of just about any type. Our labels come on a roll for fast application. Our premium bopp (vinyl), waterproof laminate, and permanent adhesive make them a great choice for labeling jars and bottles, handmade products & specialty foods. With your unique design, your product will stand out from the rest.

The standard square, rectangle, circle, and oval shapes are available. Each shape comes in various sizes that fit small, medium, to large containers. Within in our tooling-die library, you may pick other fun shapes such as heart, arch, and starburst for cut-to-size labels.

You can also select a die in the four standard shapes for roll labels. But if you need a label in a special shape or size, then we may have to purchase a die-tooling because we may not have it in our library.

In constructing the custom label, you can add a protective finish to your label. Matte is perfect for rustic, natural-leaning designs. It also makes the text more readable, ideal for food containers with long lists of ingredients and storage instructions.

Gloss and high-gloss provide a vibrant shine that brightens up colors. Both have a mirror-like finish; go for high-gloss if your label calls for higher reflectivity.

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Serving All Markets

Markets served include food and beverage, household cleaners, personal care products, automotive and other packaging-related industries.

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