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Your printed labels are a crucial reflection of your business, making it essential to get them right the first time. Opting for the cheapest printing option can often lead to disappointing results, as you usually get what you pay for. Poor-quality labels can harm your brand and may end up costing you more when you have to reprint them due to subpar materials or standards. Investing in quality from the start ensures your labels make a positive impact and saves you from unnecessary expenses.

  • AI

    Software Compatibility

    • Print files must be created to actual size in Adobe Illustrator (Ai) with layers. Outline all fonts or include them when packaging files. Embed any links (TIFF, PSD, JPEG) used such as images with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Editable PDF’s are also acceptable.
    • Set type and compose the file in Illustrator. Type setting completed in InDesign or Photoshop will not be accepted due to pixelation and exporting issues.
    • CMYK-print quality (.PDF) files are also acceptable. Make sure the following are in the PDF file settings: embed thumbnail, retain file colors & editability, no compression, downsample to 300 DPI, no color conversion, and no passwords.
    • To avoid any color discrepancies, Set your document to CMYK before sending. Specify any Spot Pantone colors being used. 7 colors max.
  • Artwork Setup

    Artwork Setup

    • To avoid any color discrepancies, design your document in CMYK. Files designed in RGB will be converted into CMYK. Specify any Spot Pantone colors being used. A combination of 7 process and/or pantone colors max are allowed.
    • Convert all text to outlines or package fonts. Minimum font size is 4pt.
    • Include a 0.0625” (1/16th in.) bleed past the dieline to ensure the ink reaches all the label’s edges.
    • Final print files provided in the following format will be rejected: PNG, JPEG, GIF, PP, WORD
    • Provide any linked files in CMYK format with a minimum 300 DPI with no text or logos - This file should solely be for background usage from the original Ai file. High res PSD or JPEG are acceptable.
  • Image Area

    • Print Area: Maintain a 0.125” (1/8) margin from the dieline, unless it’s an intentional bleed.
    • Type Specs: 4pt positive minimum. 6pt bold for reversed text. Please avoid using fine reverse type because 4 color process printing can’t build on type less than 12pts. When supplying text, please convert text to outlines/curves, or send the actual font files from your computer.
    • Color Specifications: Specify required Pantone Coated Swatch swatch numbers on spot color artwork.
    • Lines/Rules: Minimum setting .5pt. When printing negative (reverse) lines/rules, 1 pt is the minimum recommended.
    • Nutrition Facts: Please contact the FDA for necessary requirements needed for your particular application. WE DO NOT PROVIDE OR FOLLOW FDA REGULATIONS.
    • Barcodes/UPCs: Bar width reduction should be at .002” when created at 80%, and .003” when created at 100%. We do not guarantee scanability of barcodes smaller than 80% scale. You may also provide us with the barcode number for us to generate a barcode. A box width minimum is 1.275” is required.
    • Color Matching: Provide a sample to match prior to proofing, if you are requiring us to match a previously printed label. Laser or inkjet printouts will not be accepted. Printing digital and flexo will not be an excat color match.
    Image Area
  • Label Rewind Direction

    Label Rewind Direction

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Markets served include food and beverage, household cleaners, personal care products, automotive and other packaging-related industries.

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