Here at Labels Unlimited, we have the capability to print custom specialty labels. From Consecutive number labels, barcode and QR code labels, we can take your data and generate the desired requirements. Just supply us with the information you need to convey, and well get it handled.

  • We MakeSpecialty Labels for Any Projects

    Our specialized labels are printed to the highest standard and certify that they adhere to all regulations. As a result, our customer support representatives have extensive knowledge of customized labels used in manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, and other industries.

  • Consecutive Number Labels

    Consecutive Number Labels

    We can print sequential number labels using our digital printing capabilities. A multitude of sectors, particularly those with big inventories and warehouse operations, use consecutive number labels. You can start and end your consecutive numbering on any digit using digital printing because it works with variable data.

  • Barcode Labels

    Barcode Labels

    Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers all use unique barcode labels to communicate information about consumer goods products. Internal departments like inventory, shipping, and receiving can also employ barcode labels to communicate enormous volumes of data. We also maintain high quality requirements to ensure that scanners can read your barcode labels. Obtaining a UPC number is aslo required in order to sell your product in retail outlets.

  • QR Code Labels

    QR Code Labels

    In a nutshell, quick response ('QR') codes allow smartphone users to scan a code and retrieve whatever information is associated with it. Labels with QR codes are also a wonderful method to engage with customers. This is due to the fact that they can drive customers to websites, coupons, giveaways, contact forms, and other resources.

  • Variable Printing

    Variable Data

    Companies can grow their targeted marketing efforts with variable data printing technologies. If you know your target group, sending out hundreds of thousands of printed pieces can be successful. Labels Unlimited Company can personalize each label piece to your specifications. Sending only a few hundred? No issue; our technology allows you to print as many or as few pieces as you need while still keeping the cost of the final product low. VDP uses a spreadsheet of client data to create tailored marketing campaigns based on relevant data. File merging, mail presorting, and data cleansing are all handled by us. It's never been easier to win big.

Serving All Markets.

We serve a broad range of markets, including food and beverage, household cleaners, CBD, pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical, blow-molding, industrial, personal care products, automotive, and other packaging sectors.

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