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Are you having a hard time deciding which label material to use for your beverages? Labels Unlimited offers you a huge selection of materials to meet the needs of your products, projects or passions.

  • The Right Label Materials For Your Label Needs

    The Right Label Materials For Your Label Needs

    Our large assortment of label materials will assist you in creating the style and feel you want for your custom printed labels. Scroll down to read more about a certain material or to discover the numerous possibilities we have available.

  • Glossy White Labels

    Glossy White Labels

    This label material, also known as 'semi-gloss', is like a canvas that can be changed into anything you wish. On white labels, brilliant colors and sharp lettering are easy to produce thanks to the glossy finish.

    To make glossy white labels stand out and grab attention, we provide a number of customisation options.

  • Matte White Labels

    Matte White Labels

    The look of matte labels is flat and velvety. As a result, they're ideal for producing a more elegant, natural look. They're popular in a range of areas, including cosmetics, skin care, and candles in the bath and beauty industry.

    Matte labels can be used on a variety of products, including glass bottles, jars, and cardboard boxes.

  • Clear Labels

    Clear Labels

    Clear labels are a popular choice for food, beverage, bath, and beauty goods since they are exceptionally water-resistant. Clear labels give an exquisite "no label" effect, allowing strong colors, distinctive product contents, and label artwork to stand out.

    To best fit your design demands, we also provide transparent labels in glossy and matte finishes.

  • Weatherproof Labels

    Weatherproof Labels

    We have materials that are more suited to with stand harsh environments, such as weatherproof and industrial label materials, if your labels need to withstand water, sun, or chemical exposure.

    Your specialized customer service representative can assist you in determining which materials will work best for your needs, ensuring that your waterproof labels endure a long time.

Serving All Markets.

We serve a broad range of markets, including food and beverage, household cleaners, CBD, pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical, blow-molding, industrial, personal care products, automotive, and other packaging sectors.

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