Custom Bath & Beauty

Labels Unlimited has a large selection of bath and beauty care labels that may be customized. We offer all of the forms, sizes, materials, and finishes you'll need to produce stylish and long-lasting labels that exactly suit your containers.

  • Candle Labels

    Candle Labels

    Labels Unlimited Company can develop the ideal custom label for your candles in any size, shape, or quantity. Our labels are printed on high-quality Bopp material, which is durable, heat-resistant, and waterproof (Vinyl). For the greatest bulk cost, we offer our candle labels in rolls. Simply submit your artwork to our secure site or e-mail your artwork or concept to your representative, who will have it made for you.

  • Cosmetic Labels

    Cosmetic Labels

    Whether you need custom labels printed for lip balms, moisturizers, foundations, eye color palettes, or any other cosmetic product, we can help. We have a lot of expertise designing creative, long-lasting, and eye-catching cosmetics labels for a variety of cosmetic product lines. We can create anything you want, whether it's a clear, no-look cosmetics label for your streamlined package or a strong, colorful logo with a gold foil backdrop.

  • Shampoo Labels

    Shampoo Labels

    Labels Unlimited Company's personalized shampoo labels have high-resolution colorful graphics that won't fade and are made using sturdy materials and industry-leading printing technology. Your shampoo labels will not slide around or wrinkle thanks to the superior adhesive strength. Customers will trust custom shampoo labels from Labels Unlimited at the shop and in the shower because of the high-quality printing and long-lasting materials.

    Labels Unlimited Company supplies a strong material for shampoo labels since bath goods require extra-durable labels. These shampoo labels are water and oil resistant and will withstand repeated usage and handling while maintaining their fresh appearance. Apply a laminate to shampoo labels for maximum underwater protection. Labels Unlimited Company is the leading printer for long-lasting shampoo labels, offering a variety of materials and laminating choices. We have square, round, and rectangular shampoo labels in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the right one for your product.

  • Lotion Labels

    Lotion Labels

    Labels Unlimited Company provides lotion label printing materials that are both stylish and durable. You put forth a lot of effort to make high-quality lotions. Isn't it true that the quality of your lotion labels should mirror the quality of the product inside? Our cutting-edge printing method creates labels that are both durable and attractive. Our water-resistant labels are suitable for all sorts of lotions and can tolerate oil and moisture contact. When you get lotion labels from us, you can rest assured that they won't break, wrinkle, or smudge under typical conditions.

  • Essential Oil Labels

    Essential Oil Labels

    The essential oil market is expanding, and there are no signs that it will slow down anytime soon. Now that you've perfected your essential oil product, it's time to package it in a way that appeals to your target market. You'll want a bespoke label for your oil bottles that is gorgeous, professional, and long-lasting as the market expands and competition increases. Oil-resistant, permanent adhesive labels for oil bottles of all sizes are a specialty of Labels Unlimited Company. We offer a wide variety of high-quality materials to pick from, as well as an experienced (in-house) design staff to assist you in creating the ideal appearance for your bespoke essential oil labels.

  • Soap Labels

    Soap Labels

    Your soaps are carefully created to help people look and feel good, but is your product's label doing the same? Adding a high-quality label to your soaps, whether you're producing them using the cold process or the melt and pour method, will help to improve their appearance and value. For your small batch bar soap, liquid soap, or body scrub, custom soap labels are ideal. Custom labels may be applied to your soap packaging or to liquid soap containers and cartons directly. Our superior matte labels are waterproof and have a scratch-resistant laminate to keep your soap labels looking excellent

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We serve a broad range of markets, including food and beverage, household cleaners, CBD, pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical, blow-molding, industrial, personal care products, automotive, and other packaging sectors.

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