Choose your favorite label shape and place your order. All of our standard label sizes and shapes are available in every material.

  • We Make Finding The Right Label Shapes And Sizes Easy

    We have over 3,000 cutting dies (the equipment that cuts the label material into a shape) to pick from because custom labels come in a variety of forms and sizes. If we don't have the exact configuration you're looking for, we can manufacture it for you for a small fee. The most popular label shapes that we print are listed here so you can get a better understanding of the various alternatives available.

  • Rectangle Shape Labels

    Rectangle Shape Labels

    Rectangle labels are popular among customers because they provide the largest design space of any label form. Bottles, jars, cartons, and pretty much anything else can be labeled with custom rectangle labels. Depending on the style you select, we can print rectangle and square labels with rounded or square corners.

  • Oval Shape Labels

    Oval Shape Labels

    Labels with an oval shape quickly elevate your design and give your brand a more premium appearance. Oval labels, despite its limited design space, go nicely with lovely, simple artwork. Because unique oval labels may boost a product's packaging, we've seen them in a variety of categories, including food, beverage, and bath & cosmetics.

  • Circle Shape Labels

    Circle Shape Labels

    Custom circular labels with vibrant colors and powerful drawings will draw attention to your next promotion. Because round label forms can boost brand visibility, they are utilized in a variety of markets, including food and bath and beauty. Even if you don't sell anything, circle labels can be useful in the office for things like identifying boxes, sealing mail, and more.

  • Custom Shape Labels

    Custom Shape Labels

    Because most labels are rectangular, oval, square, or round, a distinctive shape can set your personalized labels out from the crowd. If we don't have the exact conguration you require, custom shape labels can be more expensive than conventional label forms; nonetheless, we would be pleased to produce a custom die for you in practically any shape (Note: custom cutting dies are a one-time fee).

Serving All Markets.

We serve a broad range of markets, including food and beverage, household cleaners, CBD, pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical, blow-molding, industrial, personal care products, automotive, and other packaging sectors.

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