Waterproof labels are available on all of our standard label sizes and are a great option for bottles, hand pumps for soaps and lotions, product packages, and any application that requires a durable label to withstand wet conditions! With high-quality labels like these, it's no wonder our customers are happy with our label material and print quality.

Weatherproof Labels

Our waterproof labels are great for products that require durability and moisture protection. They're ideal for bottles, food containers, bath and body products, and other general multi-use projects. Our wide selection of materials includes waterproof and water-resistant labels for use beer labels, wine labels, candles, honey labels, food labels, liquid labels, industrial, personal care and cosmetic labels. Many of the above materials are not only waterproof, but they also protect against other liquids as well. They're also suited for heavy use and the outdoors.

How Long Do Your Weatherproof Labels Need To Last?

Each label material is waterproof for a specific amount of time, so make sure to tell your sales representative about your particular application. Below are some points you should consider before starting with custom weatherproof labels.

  • Different materials have different lifespans for weatherproofing. Our customer service team will be happy to help you select the best material for your application.
  • A laminate finish or UV coating help protect inks so your labels look great longer.
  • Polypropylene, vinyl, and polyester films are ideal materials for weatherproof labels because they are unlikely to smudge, fade or bleed.
  • Bopp label material in a durable white matte finish
  • Polyester label material in a transparent, clear finish

Label material selection is typically based on the color or transparency of the item the weatherproof labels will be applied to. Transparent polyester is great for windows and door glass whereas white vinyl might be chosen for machinery and appliances.

Your labels can have up to seven standard or (Pantone) PMS ink colors. When you choose transparent polyester, we automatically add white as a base printing color for readability. We offer black plus one or more standard ink colors. The permanent adhesive and vinyl or polyester materials used in these labels make them long-lasting. Outdoor labels are the better choice when paper labels would peel or static cling decals would not stay put. Our labels are meant to stay stuck!

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