Circle labels are ideal for business and capturing attention on a store shelf. Circle labels can be used to focus on homemade canned goods, as well as promotional stickers with logos, contact information, and more. Choose from our variety of circle label materials. Speak with our label representative for more information.

Custom Circle Labels For Products, Warnings, And More

Circle labels are used by many companies to focus attention on their brand, products, or discounts. They help to draw eyes to targeted items in their inventory, store shelves, design bag seals to add brand appeal to shopping bags or adding a circle label when mailing invoices to customers. So, many uses. Circle labels are a perfect marketing tool for your business because they can reach customers wherever they are. Labels Unlimited pricing is competitive and a great value. Our circle labels are printed on premium semi-gloss paper with strong adhesion and we use vibrant, richly colored inks to make your circle labels stand out. We can show you samples of our work, when you visit with our representative.

The circle labels we supply are supplied on rolls with a 3” core. We offer our customers different sizes of circle labels. The various shapes are ideal for drawing attention to special information or to provide a decorative alternative to the usual rectangular label. Our round and oval labels are commonly used to label products and stock; they are particularly popular for use with cosmetics and homemade food and drink. Our round labels are also often used as a “security” tool to inform employees that the customer paid for the merchandise when they leave the store.

Tips For Using Your Labels

You can print blank labels using our coated stock. Whichever method is best for you, here are a few round label design tips to help you make the best choice in which direction you’d like to procced. Our pre-printed blank stock will help reduce your risk of misaligned prints, which is a common problem when using circle labels.

  • Highlighting important information – using a round or oval shape can draw attention to a certain item or piece of information. Businesses can emphasize their company logo or information on products and sale brochures, or make sure that customers take note of special features or sale prices available on their products. They can also be used to draw attention to health and safety reminders, to note stock level or rotation, or to mark important documents and files.
  • Organization – these labels are ideal for organizing in a warehouse or business office.
  • Stickers – round labels are great as stickers. They can be used in the grocery store as a security tool, or can be used in the deli or bakery departments.
  • Jars and bottles – round and oval labels are a great fit for jars and bottles. Many manufacturers use these labels for a variety of products including cosmetics, wine bottles, food packets or boxes, and preserves like honey and jam. These labels are ideal for adding company and product information to products, and for clearly highlighting important information such as ingredients, nutritional value, or instructions for use. Round labels are often used for the tops of round jars, or to seal jars or packets with a branded label.
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