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Digital Label Printing requires no printing plates, so copy can be edited easily (on-the-fly) and with minimal setup time. Digital labels can be produced in small quantities at a competitive price. Gloss lamination and matte lamination are both available as a topcoat.

Ideal For Small Projects and Multiple Designs

Digital label printing is ideal for a number of applications, allowing for specialized, small-run jobs at unsurpassed levels of quality. It rivals the finest offset or UV flexographic printed products and can be supplied in any shape, type of paper, or film substrate.

Digital label printing combines design flexibility with significant production cost savings. The use of digital software not only eliminates the time and costs associated with the production of printing plates but also allows changes to be made to the label design at little or no additional cost. This is ideal for prototypes or small runs, as it enables customers to adjust their labeling as needed as their products evolve. It is also ideal for promotional labels for holidays or special events, as clients can produce labeling in virtually any volume without the initial investment required by conventional printing.

Have you considered digital label printing for your business?

Digital label technology has come a long way. Today, customers have the highest level of control over the labels they produce, saving both their budget and resources. Additionally, by increasing the economic viability of short and medium print runs, digital printing produces less overall waste, which helps clients to supplement their cost savings with a more sustainable printing process.

In fact, digital label printing allows us to consider the environment during every step of the production cycle. Digital presses can print on environmentally certified media, such as 100% recycled substrate, and are compatible with environmentally safe adhesives, primers, and biodegradable substrates.

Our Digital Label Finishing Services

While small print runs rely heavily on digital label printing, our broader digital capabilities are growing all the time. We have multiple digital presses, which provide our customers with a quick turnaround and ensure that Labels Unlimited will deliver your products on time!

Our digital presses are capable of print runs that are faster than ever before. Longer production runs that were once taken on almost exclusively by conventional printing methods can now be handled solely through digital processes. This has allowed for expanded savings and flexibility for many vertical markets we serve. From food and beverage, pharmaceutical clients to cosmetics or chemical-industrial manufacturers.

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Serving All Markets

Markets served include food and beverage, household cleaners, personal care products, automotive and other packaging-related industries.

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