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From our wide range of labeling products, Labels Unlimited can help you turn any design into professionally printed custom labels.

Custom Roll Labels

Looking for a quick and painless approach to give a variety of packaging and products a unified, professional look? Our personalized label rolls are simple to apply to bags, boxes, jars, bottles, and other items you'd like to mark. Choose the amount that works best for you and a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and material/adhesive combinations from our selection. We provide the fully adjustable, professional design solutions you need to get your brand seen, no matter what your company requirement or taste is.

Rolls make machine Roll application easy

When it comes to machine-applied markings, the wind-out direction is crucial. 'Wind-out,' in basic terms, relates to the fact that your text is slipping off the roll. There are eight typical wind directions, but we may print your personalized text in any of them for a successful application. If you need help choosing a wind direction, simply ask your representative, or look below!

Label Rewind Direction

Pouch Labels

Labels Unlimited provides high-quality flexible pouch packing as well as exceptional customer service. We've assisted a number of firms in determining the optimum packaging type and pouch size for their purposes. Our foil pouches offer great protection for your products and can extend their shelf life signi cantly. With a variety of material options for our sachet packaging, our highly educated personnel can assist you in selecting the optimum solution for your product. This is ideal for makeup! Our foil pouches are ideal for a variety of sectors that require single-use or single-serve packaging for their products.

Perforated Labels

We make perforated labels that are designed to fulfill the special needs of two-part labels. Perforations can be made solely in the face material, resulting in a perforated label when the sheet is peeled away. Perforations can also be made through the release liner, allowing for individual labeling on the sheet. Individual or many labels can be separated from the remainder of the sheet or roll via perforation, which is beneficial for a variety of label goods.

Full CMYK Label Printing

To achieve better quality, full-shading outcomes, our flexographic and digital label presses use a "4 shading measure." These four shades are commonly referred to as "CMYK," and they stand for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (K), which stands for Key.

The label's fine art shadings divide into CMYK ink levels in flexographic printing. This division produces printing plates, each of which prints a single tone. The CMYK inks produce photographic-quality images when all four printing plates are put together.

Spot Colors

Since typical CMYK inks blend during the printing interaction, minor contrasts in color happen when printing at high volumes. Utilizing spot tones, nonetheless, keeps away from this totally.

Spot tones are inks that are premixed to their required level by a mechanized ink coordinate with the framework, then utilized during the printing cycle to accomplish a more elevated level of shading consistency. Spot shadings will allow you intense exactness and consistency with each press run. In a flexographic press, they utilize something like 12 unique tones in a solitary run; advanced presses can utilize around seven-spot tones notwithstanding CMYK tones for a sum of 10 tones.

Serving All Markets

Markets served include food and beverage, household cleaners, personal care products, automotive and other packaging-related industries.

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