Full-Color Labels from Labels Unlimited Company can attract and inform consumers about your product, specifications, or brand. Display your logo product and images as well as components, materials, and ingredients, depending on the label use.

A full-color label is the right label for attracting and informing consumers about your products and your brand. Our custom full-color labels are suitable for items sold in retail and wholesale outlets, and for indoor or outdoor uses.

About 4 Color Process (CMYK)

Our flexographic and digital label presses utilize a "4 shading measure" to accomplish superior quality, full-shading results. Regularly known as "CMYK", these 4 shadings represent Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (K) meaning Key.

In flexographic printing, the label’s fine art's shadings separate into ink levels of CMYK. This division is utilized to make printing plates and each plate prints a solitary tone. With every one of the four printing plates joined, the CMYK inks make photographic quality pictures.

Achieving Crisp Images and Color Accuracy

Full-color 4 color measure labels can help your item stand apart on the rack and make your image more vital.

Many other print name organizations can just print up to 8,10 and 12 tones – we can print up to 7 tones with flexographic printing! We very rarely run into customers that need more than 7 tones.

Angle tones can be difficult to print however we have it down to a science so you can additionally redo your mark look.

Spot Colors

Since typical CMYK inks blend during the printing interaction, minor contrasts in color happen when printing at high volumes. Utilizing spot tones, nonetheless, keeps away from this totally.

Spot tones are inks that are premixed to their required level by a mechanized ink coordinate with the framework, then utilized during the printing cycle to accomplish a more elevated level of shading consistency. Spot shadings will allow you intense exactness and consistency with each press run. In a flexographic press, they utilize something like 12 unique tones in a solitary run; advanced presses can utilize around seven-spot tones notwithstanding CMYK tones for a sum of 10 tones.

Why ‘K’ for Black?

As mentioned before, the 'K’ in CMYK means 'key.' A key printing plate's utilization is to print the detail in the picture. Without a key plate, the pictures commonly do not have any detail on the grounds that the key color's utilization is to give lines and differentiation. Since black is the most generally utilized key plate tone, the 'K’ in CMYK is inseparable from black.

To guarantee shading quality on 4 shading measure marks, we suggest you plan your name fine art in CMYK mode.

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Serving All Markets

Markets served include food and beverage, household cleaners, personal care products, automotive and other packaging-related industries.

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