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It’s an older marketing ploy, but you can generate valuable exposure and create an amplified word-of-mouth campaign with the use of QR Codes.

What is a QR Code?

By definition a QR code (short for 'quick response') are composed of vertical and horizontal rows of data. They're consumer-friendly, often being used to transmit information like websites, contact details, and coupons. They are typically printed on products or promotional items to allow for scanning.

QR codes are those square ‘pixel-looking barcodes that can be scanned with almost any free barcode scanner app on any smartphone or tablet. The reason people do this in the first place is it can be a quick and reliable way to see a simple document or other content that may be too large to attach directly onto a product.

Benefits of QR Codes Labels

We keep seeing QR Codes popping up all over the place – in our favorite grocery store, cosmetic store, storefront windows, real estate signs, bus stop and various transportation including but not limited to billboards … we can’t escape them! Most of us can just download a free barcode app onto our smartphones, iPads, or other internet-connected mobile devices and scan the QR code the minute we see one. More often than not, the scan will bring you to a webpage containing new information or special offers. The days of typing in long URLs to get to a website are pretty much gone.

Though QR codes are most commonly used for providing marketing and consumer product information, they can also be used for any application where the goal is to provide additional enriched information using a mobile device that can be easily accessed without having to type anything in or search.

How do I get one? Will customers use them?

Labels don’t just help consumers identify your product among others, they also offer ingredients, provenance, or usage information. QR Codes give you more flexibility in terms of connecting with your consumers and earning their trust as a brand by linking them directly to your online sources and communities. How a customer experiences your product now-a-days depends largely on how much they know about your brand and its impact on society. Technology can help you earn consumer trust and QR Codes are a possible solution. They can help your custom labels interact dynamically with your consumers by connecting them to more in-depth information about the quality of your ingredients, your values as a company, your supply chains and so much more with just a quick scan.

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