You've taken your time perfecting your soap creation, it smells delightful, and lathers beautifully, now it’s time to find that perfect label material and size to showcase your masterpiece! Browse a wide selection of label materials and sizes to make your soap product complete.

Beautiful Labels For Soap Products

Your soaps are crafted with care to make people look and feel good, but is your label doing that for your product? Whether you're using the cold process or melt and pour methods of soapmaking, adding a high-quality label will help elevate their appearance and value. Custom soap labels are perfect for your small batch bar soap, liquid soap, or body scrub. Apply custom labels to your soap wrapping, or directly to liquid soap containers and boxes. Our premium matte labels are waterproof, with a special laminate that protects from scratches to keep your soap labels looking great.

Choose cut-to-size for smaller quantities cut precisely into individual shapes and sizes. Order them spooled and easy-to-peel on a roll if you want different shapes such as oval, round, square, or rectangle. These self-adhesive roll labels make labeling bulk items very convenient; apply them by hand or by machine.

There are many ways you can use a label on your handcrafted soap packaging aside from making it look good. You can use it to distinguish between different scents, seal the opening of the box that contains the soap, or emphasize your branding on your soap packaging. Due to the composition of soap, labels do not adhere directly to them, so they should be first wrapped in paper or plastic, or packaged securely away from moisture. If you prefer a waterproof material, we have a Bopp label available. We make sure that your design will come out as you expect with our electronic proofing service that we provide at no charge. Just choose the shape and dimensions and upload your soap label artwork and you'll have your top-quality labels in just a few days.

Choose from a variety of label types to suit the shape, size, and packaging of your soap products. For soap loaves, consider our full-wrap options with lots of real estates. Bar soaps pair great with their matching round or rectangular labels, and boxes work with just about anything! Our various label materials will apply well to the popular packaging materials including plastic wrap, cardboard, or tissue.

Customization Options

Soap-making can be a lucrative business or just for fun to use yourself. If you plan to sell the finished product, there are labeling regulations that need to be adhered to. The soap label would normally be attached to the outer packaging and relay a number of pieces of information to the consumer. We have produced a sample detailed guide to cosmetics and personal care product labeling but the main points are:

  • Contact details of a responsible person or organization.
  • Ingredient listing. Batch code or number.
  • Shelf life.
  • Some means of identifying the function.
  • The average net weight or number of the product(s).
  • Best before date.
  • Any applicable warnings or precaution

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