Custom Sunscreen Labels at Labels Unlimited Corp is your Ultimate packing solution custom-tailored and printed to your bottles and your brand application

Durable Sunscreen Labels For Tubes, Bottles, and Jars

Our custom sunscreen labels not only look good but last through tough conditions. They should stand up to water, constant handling, product contents, and more. Also, we understand how important aesthetics and durability are to your labels – that’s why we offer a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes to achieve the right label look. Whether your sunscreen sits on a shelf or gets tossed into a beach bag, let us help your brand put its best face forward with beautiful labels.

Options Worth Checking Out

We’ve printed many different types of sunscreen and sun care labels, and can help you determine which look will work best for your project. For instance, here are some popular options for sunscreens:

  • Perfect for lotion bottles, squeezable white film works great for sunscreen labels since it’s flexible and won’t lose its shape.
  • Create an elegant “no label” look with a water-resistant clear film that blends into the container.
  • Shrink sleeve labels (shown right) offer 360° graphics coverage which means more advertising and design space.
  • Glossy white labels are a cost-effective option that doesn’t compromise on print quality.
  • Expand your sales/marketing efforts with product samples in flexible packets given out at your next promotional event or attached to the current packaging. Check out our article to see how flexible packaging can benefit product owners.

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Markets served include food and beverage, household cleaners, personal care products, automotive and other packaging-related industries.

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