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Labels Unlimited Company provides a wide array of digitally printed craft beer labels for the craft beer industry. We offer a broad variety of face stocks and specialty adhesives to create high-quality, eye-catching labels that will withstand the toughest conditions.

Custom Labels For Craft Beer Bottles & Cans

The craft beer industry is one where companies can really have fun designing funky, customized craft beer labels to tell their brand’s story and attract new customers at beer fests, tastings, and tours. Whether your label has a front and back, wraps around the entire bottle, or goes all the way up to its neck, Labels Unlimited Company can help you design the perfect label to showcase your beer. Not only do craft beer labels come in a variety of styles, but they also appear in many different sizes to fit the diverse offerings of a brewery. From standard 12-ounce bottles up to hefty 64-ounce growlers, we can scale your label up or down to show off your product at any size.

Craft Beer Label Shapes & Materials

In addition to glass surface labels, we also create pressure-sensitive labels for aluminum beer cans. Pre-printed cans often have high order minimums, while shrink sleeves traditionally require long lead times — neither of which is conducive to a smaller scale, local craft breweries. If brewers simply stock blank cans, however, we can provide high-quality labels with which to wrap them.

After the graphic designer and brewery owners have fun of designing and styling their label, the trick is to apply it with an adhesive that will last —whether the beer is chilling in the fridge, condensation outside on a hot summer day, or submerged in a cooler full of ice and water. Our selection of adhesives can be applied to cold wet surfaces — like freshly brewed bottles of beer — to stick and withstand any type of environment.

With years of experience printing labels across a variety of industries, Labels Unlimited Company understands the value of a quality label better than anyone. To learn more about our craft beer label capabilities, including how we can design a label that will stick to a cold, wet surface, contact your sales representative today!

Well-designed, eye-catching custom roll-fed labels give craft brewers a unique and compelling image for their brand. The primary label material for your roll-fed labels (also known as pressure-sensitive labels) can be paper, film, reflective material, or foil, which allows for many of creative choices. Durable and affordable, you can easily press them onto beer bottles by hand or by using a label applicator.

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