When you are looking at a juice label at your favorite grocery store, you want that label to reach out to you and make you feel like you are getting the best, freshest, organic, robust juice. You want the label to describe from top to bottom that you are making the best decision in buying the juice not only for the amazing taste but also the thirst-quenching label design! Make sure your juice label looks as good as it tastes - after all, your customers will notice!

Increase Shelf Visibility with Custom Juice Labels

We manufacture high-quality juice labels and our team at Labels Unlimited Company are experts in creating and designing a custom solution to meet the needs of this sector.

A juice label needs to tell you a story about when it started and sell you on the best ingredients, and freshness of the product all from a refrigerated grocery shelf or cabinet.

Some juice labels can be exposed to heat, cold, moisture, and condensation throughout their life cycle, and need to remain in pristine condition. Our wide range of material choices is well-suited to these challenges.

  • Premium juice labels can be manufactured without setup fees or plate charges
  • Durable, waterproof film labels are resistant to moisture & great for refrigerated items
  • Wide choice of high-quality materials & finishes for a variety of juice bottles
  • Order as few as two label sheets or thousands of roll labels
  • Perfect for showcasing your brand or for custom party favors drinks at weddings, showers, or special events

Whether labeling cold-pressed juice for marketing, promotions, or product labeling you need to choose a durable, waterproof white film label that is resistant to moisture to stick to your container. The rectangle labels are ideal for use on plastic or glass juice bottles, offering a permanent adhesive that sticks and stays put. With a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, you can get the exact look you want. Our film labels are made using only the highest-quality materials that go on smoothly and stick strong for long-lasting use.

Juice Labels 2

We have a plethora of options for custom juice labels:

  • Materials to suit all container types and shapes including glass and plastic
  • Crystal clear materials for a "no label" look
  • All shapes and sizes including full wrap-around labels
  • Full-color printing with both digital and flexographic capabilities from short-run to long-run requirements
  • Full range of embellishments
  • Both matte and gloss finishing options via either UV coating or a lamination

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