Some wineries create and print their own wine bottle labels in-house, others like to use Label Unlimited Company for printing their labels or prototyping purposes. Many wineries also call on us for graphics arts help and we can assist. We offer wine labels in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Not all wines are created equal and either are labels.

Wine Labels for Big or Small wineries

Many winemakers, have a label design or vision of what they want that certain wine bottle to look like. Wine makers are unique people and have learned the craft in making many flavors of wine and we at Labels Unlimited Company have also perfected the art of creating and producing various wine labels. Imagine going to your favorite beverage store and how surprised you are to see a recipient purchasing your bottle of wine and the owner posting their photo on their web site and in the store. Labels Unlimited Company cares enough to go beyond the ordinary. The label stock we use for wine labels is manufactured specifically for use on bottles so it's waterproof, colorfast, and self-adhesive. It's a special combination of high-tech synthetic material that is thicker than paper and more resilient. It has a nice matte finish that holds the ink color without bleeding and maintains its strength when you store your bottles in coolers and refrigerators.

Enhance Your Wine Labels

Our customers admire the quality that is present in all our wine label materials. We have the most common material/adhesive combinations in stock, so you’ll never be limited in regard to choose. Therefore, whether you need custom wine label for a new flavor that you need to get bottled right away, we can help you come up with a label design. We usually ask questions like, what does it smell like, for which holiday will this be for? What color is it? This will help us get the artwork started or sometimes our customers will have something sketched on paper and e-mail it to us. Before you ready your wine glasses on the table, just take a look at our wine label samples. Ask us to send you some of our work and you’ll see it is a high quality, water-resistant, and an exotic looking label that you might not have seen before. Our pre-press/art team can create some great looking personalized wine bottle tags as well to compliment your label when you need them to close that special sale at the register. Whether it is your romantic outing or a rare family dinner or an official luncheon for that matter, our labels are more than perfect for any occasion. The variety of color combinations decorated with perfection and style is of added value that you can appreciate. If you have pre-selected art for your wine labels, we know that you will re-order them many times over because of our quality. We know the need and we fully know the importance in selling wine at the store, at your restaurant.

  • custom wine labels with no setup fees or plate charges
  • Durable, waterproof film labels are perfect for chilled wines
  • Wine label ideas & customizable designs with electronic proof
  • Order as few as two wine labels or hundreds of wine labels on rolls
  • Choose from a variety of label materials including our elegant luxurious metallics & waterproof films.
  • Great for retail, marketing, or for whatever the occasion may be.

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