Do you make homemade jams, sauces, or other foods in your kitchen? Have you considered starting a business and wondering if your product could sell? Have you considered what goes onto a label and what you need to put on it so that you are within guidelines for selling homemade food? Jar labels are great for gifting, branding, and organizing. Present your jars, don't just show them. The right custom jar label can make all the difference.

Personalizing Your Jar Labels

Like a book needs a cover, your jars need labels. Not just any old label will do. Our labels are perfect for labeling spice jars, mason jars, candles, canning jars, and more. Whether you need to brand your business, identify and differentiate products, or spread the love, our jar labels are the perfect complement.

Our Labels will adhere to most surfaces, including glass and plastic. Or, opt for our waterproof labels for jars that will be refrigerated or come into contact with water, oil and moisture like jams, pickles, or sauces.

Label Material Ideas to Help You Get Started

Print in a shape that calls attention to your product. Create a jar label that helps customers identify your product. Make sure the height and width fit the front of your container. You can create a wraparound label or design the front and back labels separately. Measure the dimensions of your package to ensure the shape fits on either side.

Make sure that the size can fit all the required information for food labels. Refer to the infographic below for the 5 main elements in a food packaging label:

  1. Statement of identity
  2. Net weight
  3. Manufacturer’s address
  4. Nutrition facts
  5. Ingredient’s list
  6. Nutrition Facts

Select a material and coating that complements your chosen colors and typography. You can create a design to match your specs or choose specs that will match your label’s look. Go for a gloss or high-gloss UV coating for a brightly colored label.

Matte is more suitable for minimalist or typography-based designs. Perfect for jar labels that have special heating or storage instructions.

Your choice of material will depend on how your product will be stored:

  • 4 mil. white vinyl high-gloss is recommended for labels that will be exposed outdoors
  • variations are used on products that are stored in refrigerators and exposed to oil and moisture.
  • Textured materials are normally seen on wine bottles and other items that will be stored in a cool place.

These custom labels for jars are excellent for your small business, product test marketing, or brand corporate gifts. Personalize every detail, from the shape and size that fits your container to the container to how the colors appear against the light.

We can assist you in designing your jar labels in square, rectangle, circle, or oval sizes. Other fun shapes such as starburst and hexagon are also available. Choose from waterproof and oil-resistant materials that last in refrigerators.

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