Markdown or Coupon Labels display a discount or special offer on a product, helping products sell more quickly when they may be nearing the end of their shelf life.

Attract New and Existing Customers

More than ever, customers are using coupons to save money—44% of consumers say they are looking to increase their coupon use. With one of the highest redemption rates among all coupon types, instantly redeemable coupon labels

If you’re looking to switch customers to your product, or if you want to help build brand loyalty, coupon labels might be just the solution you need. Give your retail products a strong competitive advantage with coupon labels from Labels Unlimited Company.

Coupon Labels for Your Unique Products

All layers of your coupon labels can have full-color images, copy, variable data, and/or other print. For dry peel or “peel here”, we can print on the face of the label, the back of the face, and the base label for an endless number of design possibilities. Folding coupon labels can also be printed on all layers/panels.

Full-Color Printing & Custom Shapes

We can print your instant redeemable coupon labels with maximum total colors. For the shape of your labels, you can choose from one of our existing dies or create a custom shape to fit your project. No matter what look you need for your coupon labels, from simple two-color folding coupons to complex multi-panel labels with variable data, we have the equipment for the job.

Easy to Remove & Redeem

Label coupon labels feature a clean, easy-release top layer that leaves no residue. The back of the removable piece is easy to write on with a pen—perfect for mail-in redemptions or other promotions. Thanks to perforated wings, folding coupon labels are easy to remove cleanly from the product.

Coupon Material & Adhesive Options

Because the function of your coupon labels is just as important as their form, we’ll work with you from start to finish to find the right material and construction for your end-use application. All styles of coupon labels can be printed on a clear base or a white base. To go beyond dry grocery and health and beauty shelves, we offer all-temp adhesives that withstand cooler and freezer conditions.

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Serving All Markets

Markets served include food and beverage, household cleaners, personal care products, automotive and other packaging-related industries.

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