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Vape labels and e-liquid bottle labels can be made to any shape and size. With high-resolution printing combined with paper or spill-proof Bopp material, your vaping label will enhance your brand at a competitive price. Collaborate with us to help give you the best creative look for your vaping products. You can choose from a variety of substrates we offer too. We have everything you need to make the perfect label under one roof.

Custom Printed E-Liquid Labels

There's a lot to keep up with in the e-liquid and vaping world. Constant, shifting of rules and regulations, in addition to evolving consumer demands. Labels Unlimited Company can adjust to the market changes and your label and packaging requirements. We know no matter what you brands needs to look its best and it is of the utmost importance to survive in this category.

That's where we come in. Labels Unlimited Company have been in the E-Cig and E-Liquid custom label market for years. We understand many of the points that are the most important to our E-Liquid and vaping customers. We know the industry from a printing point of view and know that branding is the important. Your label must contain bright full-color logo and clear text or outfitting your entire product line in new, high-quality labels. Labels Unlimited has your custom label needs in mind and on top of that, we take immeasurable time and pride to make your label look right. Our customer service team are knowledgeable and friendly and we can be hand-on or hand-off as you’d like. Our goal is to make sure you are happy with your labels and our service.

What label material, laminate, and ink should I use?

There are only two types of bottles for e-liquid storage in the world, plastic, and glass. It is important to note that the vape industry does not regularly use glass over a 30ml size due in part to the structural integrity given this extra surface area. It is not as easily carried and certainly much more problematic to ship. Plastic bottles are much more flexible, do not shatter, can be transported, and carried much more easily than glass bottles. Whichever type of container you are using, we can create a custom label that will be perfect for your chosen material.

E-liquid is not a corrosive substance, but it is sticky, so make sure you choose the right label material for your bottles. For example, paper labels may look good, but if you have a glass bottle with a dropper attachment, your customers may have drips and spills on the label which could affect the label adhesive and cause it to separate from the bottle.

We have a multitude of different materials that you can choose from, including:

  • White Plastic
  • Clear Plastic
  • White Vinyl
  • Silver Metallic Plastic
  • Rainbow Holographic Plastic
  • TerraSkin

Once you have chosen the perfect label material, you can choose from our different laminate options. Laminating a label gives it a more heavy-duty staying ability and unbeatable durability that can stand up against sunlight, moisture, oil, fingerprints, solvents, and scuffing. We currently have four finishes:

  • Gloss laminate
  • Glossy finish – thermal printable
  • Gloss finish – UV resistant
  • Matte laminate

Finally, choose between full color and white ink print or black only, how you would like your bottle labels cut, and how fast you want your labels processed. It’s that simple!

Start on your labels by getting an instant online quote! For more information, please call (773) 523-7500 or email info@labelsunlimited.net.

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