Piggyback labels. They’re exactly what they sound like: labels you can peel off an existing label and stick where you need them. No matter how big or small your label needs are, we can print the size, shape, or color of piggyback labels you need.

How Piggyback Labels Works

Here is some basic knowledge of piggyback labels and to help you choose an appropriate label for your application. This is the place to figure out how to get your customers’ attention and how to make it easier for them to respond to your direct mailing promotion.

Whether you are in the sales, logistics, or healthcare industry, a piggyback label is one element that can improve your work. For one, it indicates your concern about saving your potential customers’ time and costs, or your potential patients’ well-being. Also, it suggests you are detail-oriented and not leaving anything to chance. Many businesses also use on-line surveys when they cannot reach the end user with the piggyback label & direct mail piece.

When you need a label on top of another label and a liner all in one, so that you can remove your label from the application to stick it on a different surface, it's called a piggyback label. Normal label construction generally consists of two layers. Piggyback labels are constructed of three layers. A label face sheet with adhesive, a liner layer with adhesive, and a general-purpose liner layer. Piggyback labels can be machine applied or hand applied. They can also be manufactured with either square or corner radius dies or both as pictured.

Different Options for Your Labels

Piggyback labels have two layers of labels and adhesive. You can adhere the label to your mailer, postcard, or product, and then the end-user can peel off the top layer and adhere the second label to a reply card, merchandise return, or a sweepstakes entry.

There are three basic types of Piggyback labels.

  • Nested: The top label is slightly smaller than the base label. Making it both easier to peel up the top label and easier to see that there is a peel & stick label available for use.
  • Flush Cut: Here, both the top label and the base label are cut to the same size. This gives you a broader range of sizes to use but makes peeling up the top label a little more difficult.
  • Flush Cut with Tab: In this style, you have a flush-cut as above with the addition of a small face slit or tab on the left side of the top label. You can also print the words "Bend & Peel" on the tab, making it a little easier to notice and peel up the top label.

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